LEXR Cockpit

Set up your legal foundation for free, transparently manage and view your legal projects with LEXR & get access to legal resources and lawyers in one click.

The fastest way to set up your legal basics

Step-by-step to-do lists including free resources and contract generators will help you set up your legal basics fast and independently. Reviewed and improved by lots of lawyers and tested by numerous startups, our LEXR Standard ensures you have a solid and scalable legal foundation potential investors will love.

Get real-time legal project and budget insight

We live transparency at LEXR. Track your legal project progress with us, see open to-dos and if you’ve booked hourly services see real-time updates on hourly spending or remaining hours of purchased packages.

Free support & direct access to LEXR lawyers

An extensive and growing FAQ library on legal topics and LEXR Cockpit use will help you with the most common questions. If you need to talk to an expert, calls can be scheduled with one click.

The power of people & tech combined

Real human connection

Even with all the great tech inventions in legal (which we embrace) – for us, legal will not lose its human touch. LEXR Cockpit is here to enhance legal projects by taking them to the digital world – making them more transparent and having everything in one view, not replacing your dedicated lawyer.

Tech enhancement

LEXR Cockpit is only part of what we do when it comes to (Legal)Tech. Automation for mundane tasks, self-serve contract generators, AI review support, and plenty of new trials in the pipeline ensures you’ll get to work with legals but the work style feels like interacting with a tech company.

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